Welcome to BigDataSoc

The Big Data Society (BigDataSoc) at Macquarie University, is a student society affiliated with the Data Science Lab, and the Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence, at the School of Computing, Macquarie University. We are Australia’s FIRST Big Data Society!

Established in 2018, the Big Data Society aims to provide all students, researchers, and academics, an inspiring, cohesive, and creative environment, where we all can learn more about the big data problem and its real-world applications. This will make the university experience even more fun and fulfilling, whilst maximizing students' employment opportunities.

BigDataSoc Executives:

Founder and Academic Sponsor: Prof. Amin Beheshti

*2022 Executives*
President: Nasrin Shabani
Vice President (Undergraduate): Radhika Sharma
Vice President (Postgraduate): Gunj Chinbat
Vice President (HDR): Ambreen Hanif
Team Coordinator: Sahar Moradizeyveh
Treasurers: Maryam Shahabikargar
Secretary: Fariba Lotfi
Female Ambassador: Kelley Yohe
Events Director: Matineh Pooshideh
IT Director: Heidi Labani
Web and Social Media Director: Ivan Bakhshayeshi
Industry and External Relations Director: Amin Edrisi

BigDataSoc Contacts:

Website: https://data-science-group.github.io/BigDataSociety/
LinkedIn: Centre for Applied AI
Email:     ai@mq.edu.au