Welcome to BigDataSoc

The Big Data Society (BigDataSoc) at Macquarie University is a student society affiliated with the Data Analytics Research Group, Department of Computing. We are Australia’s FIRST Student Big Data Society!

Big Data Society aims to provide all students, researchers and academics, an inspiring, cohesive and creative environment, where we all can learn more about the big data problem and its real world applications. This will make university experience even more fun and fulfilling, whilst maximizing students employment opportunity.

BigDataSoc Executives:

Founder and Academic Sponsor: Dr. Amin Beheshti

*2018 Executives*
President: Fred Amouzgar
Vice President (Undergraduate): Nicholas Nouri
Vice President (Postgraduate): Geraldine Sullivan
Vice President (HDR): Samira Ghodratnama
Treasurer: Zi feng zheng
Secretary: Alaina Mena
Female Ambassador: Shahpar Yakhchi
Events Director: Maryam Shahpasand
Events Coordination Team: Hahoang nong, Jordan Bertasso, WAN-NI(Joyce) Lee, Anjanjot Kaur, Ava Assadi
IT Director: Mathew Seery
IT Coordination Team: Catrina Ly, Satwik chodisetti, Chun hei Lee , Ilkay Simsek
Web and Social Media Director: Mohssen Ghafari
Industry and External Relations Director: Usman Shahbaz

BigDataSoc Contacts:

Website: https://data-science-group.github.io/BigDataSociety/
Twitter:   @BigDataSocAU
Email:     mq.bigdata.society@gmail.com

21-08-2018: Second Hackathon (Sep 2018) Announced LINK
22-04-2018: First Hackathon (July 2018) Announced LINK
17-04-2018: First Group Meeting, Executives 2018 Selected! Over 100 membership requests!
11-04-2018: BigDataSoc Birthday