Big Data Society

Data Analytics Research Group

Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

July 4-6, 2018


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Big Data is changing the life of our kids! Young kids are engaging with the internet, social media, smart devices (phones, TVs, watches, etc.) and video games. These things are bombarding our young kids and teenagers with a huge amount of information.

This may affect their mental behaviour and perhaps trigger serious issues such as:

The challenges in this hackathon will focus on techniques to analyse the Big Data generated on Social Networks to Save Lives including proactive detection to understand patterns of suicidal thoughts, online bullying and criminal behaviour.

Challenge 1: This challenge will be algorithmic and will target students with a Computer Science background. Participants will develop a learning system to perform automatic mental-health-disorders detection from social networks.
Your solution should help understanding patterns of suicidal thoughts OR Cyberbullying by analysing the activity of the users as well as the context and content of the messages/posts on social networks.

The next two challenges are focusing on building a software prototype (UI) or a mock-up (UX), and will target students without a Computer Science background:

Challenge 2 (TBA) UI: developing a prototype which can help in mental-health-disorders detection from social networks.
You will design a Software Prototype (of a mobile App) to assist parents monitor the activity of their kids on social networks!

Challenge 3 (TBA) UX: developing a mock-up which can help in mental-health-disorders detection from social networks.
You will design a Mock-up (of a mobile App) to assist teenagers using social networks. For example, this mobile App assistant can have a dashboard showing some suggestions, alerts, hints, etc regarding the content and the activity of their friends, new friend requests, etc. on social networks.


-Up to $600 AUD prize for each challenge! Cash and Microsoft Azure Credit.

-Certificate of achievement for top 3 performing teams, for each challenge.

-Give away gifts from the sponsors. LINK

-Certificate of attendance for the Hackathon.

-Certificate of attendance for the Workshops (SAS and Yellowfin).




4th July: Seminars and Workshops

5th July: Hackathon

6th July: Hackathon and Prizes

Regster for the Hackathon

Hackathon Venue

29WW T1 Theatre (LINK)
Macquarie University NSW 2109,
Sydney, Australia