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Weekly Presentations Schedule

Data and AI at a Planetary Scale
Date Presenter Topic 
Friday, 10-03-2023 Anthony Shaw Data and AI at a Planetary Scale
Friday, 03-03-2023 Habiba H. Responsible AI: Ensuring Ethical and Safe AI Systems
Friday, 24-02-2023 Greg Baker Some Methodologies for Getting the Best Outputs from ChatGPT
Friday, 17-02-2023 Nasrin Shabani Basics of Graph and Graph mining (including  demo)
Friday, 03-02-2023 Matineh Pooshideh Basics of video processing (including  demo)
Friday, 27-01-2023 Helia Farhood Basics of image processing (including  demo)
Friday, 20-01-2023 Amin Beheshti ChatGPT: Towards Transforming the Way Businesses Operate